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The Last Frontier

I recently a trip with my brother and a friend driving from Colorado all of the way to The Final Frontier, Alaska. It was a trip that I highly reccommend to anyone that is a fan of driving and a fan of open spaces. The Drive took us 72 hours and through Colorado, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, and The Yukon. A lot of our time in the car was spent just talking or listening to music as most car rides do even when we stopped for food, usually just your typical fast food place, Wendys mostly or even McDonalds, we were just talking and moving on as quickly as we could in order to get to Fairbanks and see our destination.

About two minutes after I took this picture one of the better moments of the trip happened. We all decided that we neededto have a little freak out session and start screaming and yelling in the car to break the silence, in the time Rykers friend Sayre stuck his head out of the window. He has hit by some type of flying object that he told us about, he claimed that it was a quarter or something of the same size, we thought that assesment was quite ammusing due to the fact that it was most likely a stray rock that struck him. we told him that we were pretty sure that it was a rock. He came back with another guess saying that it might have even been a wallet, that was so much funnier that we bust into laughter for what had to have been at least ten minutes making a great joke for the rest of the trip and a frequent point to make him feel stupid.

We continued up through Canada and made our first stop to get snacks and gas where we then came across chips in the weirdest flavors you can think of. The flavors that were odd to us were Thai food, Poutine, and Ketchup. We actually got a bag of the Ketchup flavored chips because they seemed so different to us, come to find out the taste exactly as you would expect them to like drinking from the bottle itself; however one of the things that I thought was weird in Canada was that instead of saying "For here or to go" at fast food places they say "For stay or to go" thats something that I had never heard borofe but I thought it was pretty good so I went with it for every resturaunt we went to.

Making it to Alaska was quite that feat, we started it of with a trip to North Pole, AK which is the town just before Fairbanks where in the spirit we stopped for some McDonalds just because I wanted to say that I have eaten McDonalds in The North Pole. Once that was done we meant another friend named Brandon that helped us get moved into the dorms and took us to a local resturant to eat some high end food, we did that again the next day going to a fancy breakfast place before going back to North Pole, and then to The Alaskan Oil Pipeline. Then finished our time off with a trip to Denali National park another long drive but so beautiful, we went for a small hike with just the things we were wearing in the picture below catching some awkward glances from people who dont understand us Coloradans. We didnt make it to the top due to the weather but it was still well worth the drive.

Alaska was one of my favorite places that I have been through my travels, it was full of beauty and fun thank you to everyone that made it happen, I love to travel.

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