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What is "The Pure Five"

My family has never been huge on traveling, and I think that may have been the reason that I got so into it. I have never been one to follow a set path in life. I am someone who loves change and unpredictability, someone who has never really cared for the normal life where you work, or go to school exclusivly, not that there is anything wrong with that path, it is just not the path that I was sent on.

It all started when I was young, when I would watch all kinds of movies that involved people doing things that seemed so farfetched and crazy, things that I had never heard of people doing in real life. I was especially hit by Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. It has something that I have always closely identified with. Not on the same scale where the entire world was in danger but on a smaller scale where your only barriers are truly made by yourself, and you can be whatever you want to be if you just put your mind to it.

Lots of people repeat these same things all throughout their lives yet never follow those rules themselves, it is truly a common thing that has begun to annoy me personally. This is why I went on my search for what makes me truly happy and what puts me in the best mood overall. I came to the conclusion that there are five things that one needs to make a perfect life. Those things are Dance, Song, Food, Family, and Travel. These may seem like odd things to all be together but they are the thing that bring out the truest happiness in all people. They bring out the realest sand best form of happiness that I have noticed in any way.

A little disclaimer before I begin to explain the "pure five" is that money is the only thing that ha the ability to ruin all of these things and bring them down to the worse version of themselves. Im sure that many of us have noticed that the world basically revolves around money and that most people live their lives working for money that they spend only to work for more money.

Dance is the first of the "pure five" and this is not any specific form of dance in general but actually just the overarching idea and fact that we all have the ability to dance and that we do dance. There is just dancing at clubs that give you that happy feeling of joy and a party vibe, there is dancing at a wedding which give you the feeling of love and tranquility, and there is even dancing alone where you just feel free and expressive.

Song is one that I value above most, singing is one of the most amazing things that we as humans have the ability to do. It can express all of our feeling when words just simply arent enough, whether it is you singing to yourself in your room, or it is a group having a jam sesh in the car. Anyway that it is done can truly make you happy and appreciate your life and everything that comes from it.

Food may seem like one of the most obvious things since well we need it to live, but I mean like trying new foods and experiencing all of the decadence that this world has to offer in the edible spectrum, there are so many different things that I have tried and have made my palet just sing, I hope that is the same for all others but it really is a spectacular thing that food has a taste, and that we have the ability to enjoy different things.

Family is a pretty obvious thing to choose as something that bring happiness, and when I say family I mean your birth family and the ones that you choose. Such as your friends, in reality your family is who you want them to be and who you want to be a part of your life, because as we have all seen throughout our lives the people that are close to us and around us the most are the ones that we learn to love through thick and thin, and the ones that we are really willing to sacrifice for. That is what brings happiness, it is like a always spreading thing where if you make others happy you make yourself happy, and so on and that is something that brings the good feelings you truly want to feel.

Travel for sure is the best way to create happiness in ones life, It is such a pure and fun thing that one can do. From the small bit of travel that I have done in my life I have taken many lessons, tons of friends, and countless life lessons. That is something that I wouldnt change for the world everyone that knows about where I went and what I did have hared their stories with me which has taught me even more about my friends and the people that I have just plain meant. It is a general bond that can not be broken from person to person, and not trip will ever be the same.

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